About the programme

DigiSmart uses technology as a motivator to capture interest and curiosity. Importantly, it does this in tandem with the use of traditional literacy resources.

The DigiSmart activities develop a comprehensive set of literacy skills — reading, writing, speaking and listening.


  • 19 carefully planned sessions across two terms (10 CORE + 9 MORE)
  • Each session is 1 to 1½ hours, during or after school
  • Each DigiSmart session consists of:
    • introduction delivered to whole group by the Lead Teacher
    • explicit learning targets for children every session
    • session activities accessed online, which children work on at their own computer in tandem with printed DigiSmart Workbooks
    • extension activities for children who complete the main activity
    • plenary facilitated by the Lead Teacher
  • DigiBuddy scheme available in the third term — DigiSmart children act as mentors to others and pass on new-found skills

DigiSmart is not a drill and practice system with children working through on-screen exercises with minimal adult supervision, nor is it one-to-one tuition.

DigiSmart is teacher-led and utilises a SMALL GROUP learning model — this ensures that children get more individual attention without feeling exposed.

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DigiSmart in a box

DigiSmart has really captured their imaginations and they have been drawn in by the well-researched activities and topics.

DigiSmart Headteacher, London